Chardonnay Grada Vine dry white wine



Pastoral Grada Vine dessert red wine


Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Grada Vine dry white wine



Merlot Grada Vine dry red wine


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon Grada Vine dry red wine



Aligote Grada Vine dry white wine



Muscat Grada Vine dessert white wine

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age-old traditions

Since ancient times Moldova is known in the world for its exceptionally tasty wines. The rolling sunny hills and scenic valleys, the favorable climate and the fertile soil of the territory between revers the Dniester and the Prut have been created by nature are ideal for the cultivation of vines and producing tasty, high quality varieties of wines.

The traditions of many generations of winemakers are glorified in legends that can be proud of today's generations. In Moldova viticulture has always been a family occupation, and the secular experience of viticulturists has been handed down from grandfather to father and from father to son. One of the most famous vineyard dynasties in our country is the Cîssa family, which has a history of more than 100 years, which raised skills in creating their own varieties of wines.

We make our wines according to old recipes passed from generation to generation. Gheorghe Cîssa's grandfather, Stepan Cîssa founded the family winery known for its wines both in his native village and abroad. His natural wines were distinguished by a specific flavor, refined, rich, durable and complex. The wines were delivered to the markets, being purchased and admired in Galati - the city now in Romania, Odessa and the Odessa region of today's Ukraine. His attitude to the wines and the results of his work was so excited that, as Gheorghe Cissa remembers, before pouring the wine into the barrel, ensures that it is clean and dry, that it has no a drop of water. The wine had to be natural without extraneous smell, even any foreign additions could affect the future wine - this fact is known to all of the Cîssa dynasty.

Commanders of Cîssa winemakers are simple, but their strict adherence is a true art. According to one of the commands, true wine will be made only from the best and healthiest grapes. And to translate the command into reality, winemakers Cîssa always chose carefully the place and the soil for their vine plantations. Thus, white wine - easy and tasty - is obtained from grapes grown on certain vineyards with soils especially suited to the white grape varieties, and the red varieties are grown on other vineyards, the red wines are full of taste and open more strongly. Winemakers from the Cîssa dynasty plant different varieties of grapes in places with soils ideal for them. Our vineyards are located in the main centers of Moldovan winemaking, in the valleys of the Dniester and Prut rivers. By mixing the grapes obtained from the forest area and the southern area that is sunnier, we always get different but always interesting, individual wines.

According to the second commandment, the winemaker is obliged to live in harmony with nature. Cîssa winemakers love the saying "do not oppose nature, do not trouble the grapes". These words contain the ancient wisdom of the winemakers and mean the maximum understanding of nature, creating the most favorable conditions for capitalizing on the potential of each grape variety. Finally, the third commandment provides that wine must bring joy, good mood and health to the people. The honesty and sincerity of Cîssa winemakers allows us to create the best wines that are useful to health. Thus, we have preserved and continue the tradition of producing unique dessert wine in its own way - Pastoral, a real balm for the soul that requires skill, great investment of time, patience, resources and soul.

We are dealing with small quantities of grapes, and we are focusing our efforts on producing only high-quality wines. Our wines are soul-filled wines, each drop contains our passion for winemaking and love for people. All members of the Císsa dynasty are known as honest, open and cherished men, capable of good deeds for others. This is why our wines are so - sincere, tasty, passionate, natural and useful.

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We are adepts of traditional grape varieties, evolved over centuries and adapted to the favorable climatic conditions of the vineyard Cojuşna. Only there they can fully develop their personality. Vinifying them separately, we produce single grape wines, in order to reveal the individual character of each variety.

We are convinced that the forces of nature are able to give us much healthier and durable products than any other human technical intervention could. At vinification we respect the nature’s rhythm in fermentation and aging, thus not forcing the process through technical interventions.

In all our activity we value and convey traditions, customs and familiar values to you, we help you to discover the wines with personality, which has extended beyond time. We value our reputation, gained over years, and we guarantee a high quality of our wines with the healing abilities and unique gustatory properties.


The wines Grada Vine are produced at the wine cellar LLC SOT which processes the grapes harvested from 55 hectares area and produces up to 40 000 decaliters of wine per year.

The cellar is equipped according to modern criteria in the field: enameled tanks, used in the incipient stages of winemaking: fermentation and clarification; oak 225 liters barrels, used for wine maturation; a pneumatic press, which ensures maintenance of natural grape flavor, and a modern bottling line, that assures bottling process in optimal conditions.

We are proud of our own vinotheque, which contains a collection of 25 000 bottles of exclusive wines.


The wines Grada Vine are created in the vineyard Cojuşna, located in the central region of Moldova, famous for its picturesque hills, fragrant groves, crystal-clear springs and truly velvet microclimate. Due to these circumstances, our vineyards give every year the richest harvest of grapes with unique elegant and intense flavors.

55 hectares of vineyards are caressed by the morning sun and keep away from heat afternoon. The fertile soil with compacted clay, deep and cold, ensure constant nourish of plants. Thus the grapes Aligote, Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Sauvignon-blanc cultivated here, have the freshen flavors with vivid, relevance tasting notes and color, that could be found in wines Grada Vine.